The light at the end of the tunnel

When I first decided to write a book this year, the prize was not completion but rather, to determine whether or not I could develop a rhythm and a discipline that worked for me to ensure that I write daily. It says something about my newfound faith and confidence in working that I can allow myself to be gleeful because I only have three more chapters to write and… I AM DONE.

(Done with the actual end of the novel. Revisions, query, synopsis… all of these things will take a lot of time and love. Fortunately, I’ve been concurrently mapping all of those out as I go.)

The challenge from here on out is, I suppose, to find the next novel to write and set a new goal for myself of balancing that story with editing and actively seeking a home for the first. Whether or not it gets rejected by a million agents and/or publishers, however, I still feel very good about having written that story. There is much in it that’s good and I’m proud that I was able to get so much out on paper and complete the project.