Guest Post: MA Abraham

I’m happy to welcome MA Abraham to the blog today! She’s here to talk a little about her new title, Gabriel.


by MA Abraham

I swear blogging must be an art all on its own. I am never sure of what I am doing, but that is probably all right because I swear I am not alone. When I speak with other writers they just grin when you mention the word. Some things don’t need words to be explained. I felt the same way about Gabriel when I wrote it.

Did I know what I was getting myself into? Of course, I didn’t. This is a learning experience, and learning is what life is all about. The same is to be said for the characters in my book. Theirs is a journey we all undertake, albeit in different ways.

First, we need to understand Elves are different. They are magical beings that are of the opinion that they above the rest of the beings in the world… right? Choke, well, maybe not.

When I chose to create Gabriel, the direction I was led in by the characters showed me that they were ultimately no different than we are deep inside. They are loving and caring, and have their insecurities. These are traits we all try to camouflage in some form or another. Here’s a little about each one.

Gabriel tends to be bossy and expect everyone to follow his orders, well, lets face it, he has been the High Lord General for the last 500 years. Eden is independent and has been allowed to run free all of her life. Do we have a problem with the two of them finding out that they have been matched by fate? Well, maybe a bit, but it is fun watching them run the gauntlet of their courtship. Marious is there to help wherever he can, though there are times they would probably like to tape his mouth shut. Marious does love to tease, and he is a general favorite. But, like Gabriel says, there will be a day that he will get his.

In the meantime, Gabriel does what he can to get his. Eden, well, she causes everyone moments of amusement and frustration as she runs through the different facets of her life. She has a lot to deal with at once. The love of family and discovery of more, the realization of what her talent is, and attempting to escape a fate she has no hope of eluding. In the meantime, all Gabriel can do is spread his arms as he asks: “What is a poor Elven General to do?”

About MA Abraham

I have been writing books since before I became a teenager. Most are still hidden in the closet. I used to make up my own stories as a child, everyone used to act them out while we were playing outside. As a teenager someone issued me a challenge. I told her that her stories stunk, she told me to do better.

My job growing up was to play guardian to my little brother, keep him safe. That meant I ended up getting into more fights than enough – makes sense now that I write about warriors.

My family will try to tell you that I’m not innocent, I have a personality that keeps them on their toes. Over my lifetime and theirs I have earn several nicknames – The Godmother, The Evil Christmas Elf (comes from making my nieces wrap their own Christmas presents), Mistress of Ambush. My favorite response to them when they try to get me into trouble is just to look at them with a wide doe eyed expression and say “Moi?????”

I have a seal point Siamese cat named Snoop, named after my favorite cartoon character and hobby. I have a “healthy” but small collection of Snoopy memorabilia. He is a character alright; never met a cat who can talk back like he does. He expects daily dosages of adoration on his schedule when he wants it – not when it’s convenient for me and he HATES snow.

I come from a very large family (mostly brothers) and I could outrun the whole works of them (I’m the shortest!). It was called survival.

This book has been in the making for a long time now. Over a half a year to write it, about the same amount of time to edit it, and probably about the same amount of time to get the art work and website! I have learned you can’t control the timelines of other people – Murphy likes to step in.

So for now I am setting up good luck charms everywhere… didn’t know I had that many stuffed Snoopy’s. *Fingers, legs, toes, eyes and anything else I can crossed*


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