Casual Friday: Book Trailer for The Serpent Passage

Book Synopsis:

Take an adventure you will never forget. Journey through The Serpent Passage, a sci-fi novel set in the times of the ancient Maya.

When William and Betty are trapped in a cavern in the Yucatán, they discover a way out through a strange passage that propels them a thousand years into the past. While searching for a way home, they become entangled in conflicts between Mayan kingdoms. Priest Quisac agrees to aid William if he promises to help his people. William is awarded the bloodstone, a magical gem that puts him in the path of Mayan gods and demons.

Can William survive the challenges of the past long enough to return home? Will his love for a Mayan Princess complicate matters? How is William’s destiny tied to the end of the Great Cycle in 2012?

The Serpent Passage is the first book in the Serpent Passage Series.

Author Bio:

Todd grew up in the Northwest, where he used to write stories to entertain his family. He has a B.A. in Communications and worked in technical publications for most of his career. Over the years, Todd wrote numerous technical manuals that have been published in print and on the internet. His success as a technical writer led him to managing large technical publication departments. Throughout his professional career, Todd continued to write fiction. Todd was inspired to write The Serpent Passage while exploring Mayan ruins and working as a scuba instructor in the Yucatán.

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4 thoughts on “Casual Friday: Book Trailer for The Serpent Passage

  1. Looks like a fun read!
    It’s funny – I never knew people made “book trailers” until I started with this whole e-pub thing. They’re… different.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • At some point, I’ll write about my experiences with book trailers. They’re great fun to make but it definitely is a learning process. 🙂

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