Excerpt: Propheticus

Author Emma Daley has stopped by today with a teaser for the Propheticus Blog Tour! Here’s an excerpt from her work:

I knocked on the door of the tiny desolate hut and waited in anticipation as I prepared myself to face my past. The camp was far from any of the others and was not as well kept. From the branches of the trees hung the carcasses of tiny dead ani­mals that seemed to be fresh. The fire pit was freshly used, I would say the night before. And all kinds of spears and daggers lay tilted against the outside of the hut. Somewhat fresh foot­steps marked the ground in puddles. They seemed to be going nowhere and everywhere. It was as if she had been pacing the ground over and over and not all in the same spot. I finally spotted a shadow move from within the hut, and called out to the woman. But she hung in the shadows and the only sign that she was even there was the scampering around I heard within the hut and the clanking of things in her path. I called to her to come out from the shadows, reciting the story I had shared with the tribe earlier, in hopes of the same welcoming reaction. She still refused to emerge, so I waited in her tiny camp for her to respond. The children that had followed me there played hide-and-seek in the nearby trees and every once in a while when they heard the clanking from inside the hut and we thought she might emerge, the children were jolted from their carefree game and stood poised to see the woman inside. That went on for hours. I began a different tactic, sing­ing tunes that the Justerians used to sing to their prey to lure them into their hunting traps. It was habit, I suppose. But still there was nothing.

After hours had passed and the copper moon departed, the woman’s tall figure slowly crept out of the dark shadows of the hut. I stared in awe at her physique. She was tall and lean with short golden hair that sparkled in the dark and piercingly blue eyes. She wore leather clothes and always had a weapon strapped to her belt. When she walked, it seemed more like pacing or scurrying the way animals moved when they were on a hunt.

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