Introducing Kassandra Heglund

I’d like to welcome Kassandra Heglund to the blog today. Kassandra’s a new writer who’d just like to say hello and share her books with you. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been almost a year since I signed my own first novel contract–I’ve learned a lot since then and it’s great to have the chance to support other new authors.

Hello, everyone! My name is Kassandra Heglund, and I am a relatively new author, so obviously I need all the exposure I can get. Therefore I was ecstatic when Gwen said that I could do this! So, Gwen, thank you!!!

I’ve been writing since high school, the first story having been a two-page short story which I typed up on my father’s old Underwood manual typewriter. That story later became my first published work! To date, I have two published works, both of which are science fiction. One is a novella (76 pages — and the published version of that original short story!), and the other is a full-length novel (301 pages).

Holding Sequence: Cycles of Fate, the novella, is a story about cruel fate, survival, and poetic justice. Two scientists, told they were undertaking a breakthrough project that would benefit their people find themselves caught in a web of lies and betrayal. When they do extricate themselves from the Project from Hell, they turn the tables on those who betrayed them. This is the first in a short series called The Machinations of Fate.

Long Dark Night, the novel, is the story of a boy whose whole world is lost. He finds refuge with a great power… or does he? As it turns out, they are just the first in a pair of powers who dominate his life, and his will. But his is a story of survival and hope, for one day, he will be free of these powers! One day, he will be the power. But first come the trials and torments of a lifetime in service… and the guilt that comes with the actions he is forced to take.

I hope all of you will go and look at these books and consider purchasing them. Again, thank you, Gwen, for this opportunity to share my works with your audience!


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