HUMAN: Behind the scenes with Gabe Smith

I’m happy and excited that Gabe Smith has stopped by my blog today.  I met Gabe through discovering his amazing project on KickstarterHuman.  This graphic novel is compelling, filled with incredible imagery and action.  With only 7 days and counting to reach funding, I asked Gabe if he’d join me to answer a few short questions about the project and share a sample with us.  I hope everyone checks it out-I love it when the speculative fiction community comes together to make projects like this happen.

On to the interview!
Gwen: Tell us a little about the mechanics of your project–what inspired you to use such a visual medium? Why did you select this genre?

Gabe: I didn’t select this genre, cyberpunk selected me. I had visions of this story for years before I had written anything down. After i had finished writing a couple of issues, I realized it would be way too expensive for an unknown screenwriter to do animated or live-action filming, but I really believed that I had made something good. I decided to start smaller and try to gain a following for my story through comic books. This is my debut.

Gwen: Why have you chosen to do Kickstarter as opposed to looking at more traditional means of funding?

Gabe: Because it is important to me create this story while still maintaining ownership of my work.

Gwen: Let’s get into the story… do you mind sharing a little of the storyline behind Human?

Gabe: Without revealing too much, the story takes place in the future in an age where people are installing illegal biotech weaponry and upgrades into their bodies. Cezra is a bounty hunter tracking down these criminals and bringing them to justice. The first issue is an action packed issue, that serves as an introduction to thes story, this world, and its characters. Society is facing tough times as difficult political decisions are being made regarding these new technologies. In addition, a viral outbreak known as the nano-virus has occurred and is worsening without the proper medical knowledge or treatments to combat it.

Gwen: You’ve got a colorful cast of characters. Tell us, who’s your favorite and why? What makes him/her different from others in comics?

Gabe: I like Drolo. He’s this big ugly scary misunderstood guy that just demands freedom at all costs. I feel like i can relate to that. Except the ugly part. Cezra probably has the most dramatic story of the cast though. She took forever for me to figure out. Drolo came easy.

Gwen: How did you and Ryan [Ryan Merrill, artist] connect? Any tips for those of us seeking to be successful in artistic collaborations?

Gabe:  Craigslist. My tip: search hard and don’t stop until you found what you are looking for.


Now I’d like to share a page with you from the comic.  To order a copy and support the project, visit the Kickstarter.  Time is running out!



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