How Long Would I Last In A Dystopian Novel

This post is brilliant.


As a kid, I spent a lot of sleepless nights fretting about the end of the world. Nuclear war would end us all. Or killer bees. Russia, who I had no beef with, or killer bees, who I did, would bring me to my untimely end. Those were some tense nights.

Now that I’m older, my anxious mind adapted and worrying about the end of the world is now what helps me sleep. As long as the end of the world isn’t happening the next day, then I would be a little worried. At 3am, I have survived nuclear war, disease, zombies, and army ants. My biggest worry is what on earth will I do with my cats. I like to believe Rubie and Olive would survive with me.  But the logistics of finding them cute little googles, helmets, and scarves, packing up the diabetic cat food and litter, and…

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