The Social Network Kool-Aid Acid Test, Part Two: Do Tweets Dream Of Retweeting Sheep?

This article raises some good points about Twitter though to be honest, I find there is just as much noise on Facebook. Or was before recent algorithm changes. Hmm..

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Last night, I scrolled through my blog’s archives and read this. My post from February 26, 2011, “The Social Network Kool-Aid Acid Test.”
What struck me the most is how little the fundamental issues have really changed since then.
Back then, in 2011, the first novel of my trilogy was still a WIP, and I didn’t have to bother with all this social network silliness. Sigh, the “good old days”, when I could just go home and write uninterrupted. 😉
Of course, once the first work was done and I was weighing my publisher offers, it was time to outreach to the world at large. Facebook, for all its relentless ‘time-suck’, has been a blessing, connecting me with prominent independent creative visionaries like Kristen Lamb, T.C. McKinney and Joel Eisenberg.
Even now, my contacts on Facebook are paving the way for ever-greater successes in…

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One thought on “The Social Network Kool-Aid Acid Test, Part Two: Do Tweets Dream Of Retweeting Sheep?

  1. One big reason why I singled out Twitter is that it’s the “Wild, Wild West” compared to Facebook. As much fuss has been made over Facebook’s continuous tinkering with users’ feeds, it’s the relevancy of the Facebook feed that keeps its useful.
    Twitter, by comparison, is anarchy. The ever-growing streams of automated Tweets and Retweets (and the unchecked spread of buying “followers”) threatens Twitter’s relevance in the most basic way, yet the “social media experts” all seem to ignore this. Kristen Lamb, in her book “Rise Of The Machines”, described the “white noise” effect where people instinctively tune out advertising, and this is the exact factor which endangers the future of Twitter.

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