For Authors & Artists

Update: 1/30/12 – There is a backlog and I am not currently accepting books for review. I will be happy to schedule you for an interview or guest post, however, so please feel free to get in touch. – GP

I love to share my blog space with other authors and/or artists! To get in touch with me, please send an email to You can certainly contact me through other social media outlets but sending an email is the best way to ensure that your message doesn’t fall through the cracks.

There are four options currently available to authors and artists to be spotlighted through this space. I do work full-time and have children so I cannot promise that your post will be up swiftly. It is a first-come, first-serve queue; however, I will send you links after I have posted your article. I will also crosspost to my own Twitter, FB, G+, Digg, and StumbleUpon (and ask that you do the same, as you’re able).

You may ask to do more than one of these things through my blog. Please know in that instance that I will space your posts out intermittently between other posts to give you a longer promotion time. (Because of current demand, this may result in quite a long time between posts.)

Note: In all cases, I reserve the right to correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes before posting. A feature in this blog is not guaranteed–I reserve the right to reject authors/books where necessary.

Here are the options:

Author/Artist Interview:

If you want to be interviewed about your work, please note that I like to do interviews a little differently than some reviewers. I prefer to focus on a book, series, or project that you are working on and familiarize myself with the project, then write a set of custom questions for every author I work with. Some questions may be generic but I am really interested in talking specifically about you and your book (or artwork).

To that end, please send me as much of the following as you can when you contact me:

1) The title of the book or series that you would like to focus on. A copy of the book is HIGHLY appreciated so that I can read it. Failing that, a synopsis or excerpt is also helpful.
2) Images – these can be illustrations, cover art, or author pics.
3) Author bio
4) Link to your book or links to any websites that you would like placed within the post
5) Excerpt of your book or of a future piece you’re working on. (Please note: if you are a KDP Select author, Amazon does not allow you to put any excerpts up of books on their site to the best of my knowledge.)

If you are not yet published but have a book in press, inquire about my “Before and After” feature.

If you are not yet published, inquire about my “Aspiring Authors” feature.

Guest Posts

There are two ways to do the guest posts. Either you can write a post for my blog, I can write one for yours, or both. Because this is such an individualized process, please email me directly with ideas or to chat about possible topics. I don’t keep a bank of guest posts prewritten and will write posts to demand.

Book Reviews

On occasion, I will write a review of a book upon request. I do like to post reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. I have less time to do reviews than the other two options so please know that it may take me some time to schedule this in. I do request that you send me your book only after checking with me first and being sure that my schedule works with your own.


These can be included with any of the above options. However, I do ask that you set the stipulations as the author, provide the prize, and be responsible for any mailing or handling of the book or prize. (And I’ll note a disclaimer on the post that says as much.)

If you have any questions about the above or want to be a part of the blog, please just send me an email:

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!



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