Writing Games: “Going Shopping”

Courtesy sxc.hu

On an old blog of mine, I used to post little writing exercises and dare others to do them.  It’s been a while and it’s a fun thing to do so I thought that I’d place an old prompt here and see what happens.

Write about a shopping list as if this list had much more meaning than it could possibly hold.

When you think about the prompt, realize that you don’t have to take any of the above literally and can adapt it to fit your own purposes. We’re not in this to stress out so simply freewrite on this prompt with a goal of 500 words or less. The idea is that you’ll scribble it out over the weekend and see where it takes you.

Feel free to share in your journal, keep to yourself, or comment here. If you like the meme, please link back to it!  I’d love to share some of your links so please share them with me here, on Twitter or on my Facebook wall.

My unedited example from a freewrite is below!

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